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Sudoku Patterns

Patterns are numbers in boxes organized in specific ways that can help find other numbers


Using patterns is another way to help you solve sudoku puzzles. Patterns are similar to techniques; they are another "tool" in your toolbelt. They could be listed on the techniques page but since there are many patterns they are listed in their own section.


Patterns are essentially a series of completed numbers (either givens or numbers that have been filled in) in a specific order in one of the boxes on the sudoku grid.

Patterns help you organize the remaining numbers and eliminate possibilities in a box, and in related boxes, rows and columns. When you are familiar with and see specific patterns you will be able to analyze the area of the puzzle very quickly.

Patterns will help you speed up your analysis of a puzzle and will help you find numbers. If you study an area of a puzzle for a while you will probably see the numbers without recognizing specific patterns. But knowing patterns will help you see them quicker.

Skill Levels

Patterns can help with solving puzzles at all skill levels. Easy and medium puzzles will have more patterns at the start. Hard and expert level puzzles may not have patterns at the start but as you add numbers you will start to see patterns emerging.

Hidden Patterns

Hidden patterns are very helpful because they will help you find numbers that are much more subtle. It is suggested that you learn about patterns before reading about hidden patterns.

Hidden patterns are described on their own page.

Pattern: The Wall Pattern

The wall is one of the easier patterns. It can be readily seen and used.

Wall Pattern >>

Pattern: The Corner Pattern

The corner pattern can help you find twins. It is an easier pattern to see and use.

Corner Pattern >>

Pattern: The Diagonal Pattern

The diagonal pattern helps you first find twins then other numbers.

Diagonal Pattern >>

Pattern: The Right Angle Pattern

The right angle pattern is related to the diagonal and corner patterns.

Right Angle Pattern >>

Pattern: The Opposite Pattern

Find an opposite pattern and you may have found a plus pattern.

Opposite Pattern >>

Pattern: The Gate Pattern

When conditions are right the gate pattern can help pinpoint where numbers go. Conditions must be right but quite often they are.

Gate Pattern >>

Pattern: The Plus Pattern

You can find twins and ghost numbers when this pattern exists.

Plus Pattern >>

Pattern: The L Pattern

The L pattern helps you find twins and triplets.

L Pattern >>

Pattern: The T Pattern

The T pattern can help you find numbers in other parts of the puzzle.

T Pattern >>

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