Sudoku Primer Basics

Learn sudoku rules and a few basic Sudoku tips

What is Sudoku?

Sudoku is a game where you try to place the numbers 1 to 9 without repeating on a board with 81 cells divided into nine rows, nine columns and nine 3 x 3 boxes.

Sudoku doesn’t require any math skills. Logic, memory and deduction are all helpful but that doesn't mean solving Sudoku puzzles is hard. Sudoku can be fun and challenging and at the same time maddening and frustrating. It's also addicting.

This website is for those interested in sudoku and want to learn more. It is for people who want to move to the next level. It is here to help you learn to improve your Sudoku skills. It will teach you techniques and tips and show you ways to look at puzzles differently so you can increase solving speed and solve harder puzzles.

Sudoku is a number puzzle that contains 81 cells, organized in a 9 x 9 array. There are nine rows and nine columns with 3 x 3 boxes overlaid. See the Glossary page for terminology.

Sudoku Rules

The object of sudoku is to “solve” the puzzle by filling all the cells with numbers so that no digit repeats in any row, column or box.

That's it. That's really all there is to sudoku. You don't need to use math (no geometry, algebra or calculus is required, thank goodness). You need not use complex logic (until you get to hard and expert puzzles). You just need to remember numbers from 1 to 9.

Some sudoku puzzles are easy and some can be very difficult. The harder the puzzle the more it helps to know techniques and use more complex logic to solve them. That is the fun of sudoku.

You will learn techniques on this site that will help you learn how to solve these difficult Sudoku puzzles. You start by solving easy puzzles. As you learn how to solve easy sudoku puzzles you will start learning techniques that will help you solve more complex puzzles.

This website can help you learn many techniques and help you understand the complexities of more difficult puzzles.

Here is a sudoku puzzle with rows, columns and boxes identified.

Sudoku grid partially filled showing rows, columns and boxes and how they are numbered

More About Sudoku

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