Sudoku for Beginners


If you’re new to sudoku check out this “sudoku for beginners” page. It has lots of resources to help you learn sudoku.

As you learn more and more you will be able to solve more and more challenging puzzles. You will begin to truly enjoy sudoku. But be careful -- sudoku can be addicting! That's okay though, because sudoku helps keep your mind alert and keeps you young!

tools to Help You Learn

This information can help you quickly get up to speed. Learn about tools and patterns, and watch YouTube videos that will truly improve your game.

Techniques & Patterns

How Do They Do It?

If you watch people solve puzzles who know sudoku well, it can seem as though they are ‘pulling numbers out of thin air.’ You wonder how they can find numbers that easily.

Well, you will be doing that soon, too, if you start learning the tricks to sudoku! The more you learn the easier it will be for you to do the same thing.

Here's How!

Techniques are strategies you can use to help you find numbers. As you learn how to use these techniques you will be able to solve harder puzzles.

Learn sudoku techniques

Patterns are ways to look at blocks and limit the cells that can hold a given number. Learning patterns will help you quickly eliminate numbers so you can solve puzzles quicker and easier.

Learn sudoku patterns

Sudoku Video Training

There are over 200 Sudoku Primer videos you can watch on YouTube that will help you improve your sudoku skills. You can either go to all of the videos or choose which skill level you want to watch videos on.

Getting Started Sudoku Video

Getting Started With Sudoku

Easy Sudoku Videos

Videos with easy puzzles

Medium Sudoku Videos

Videos with medium puzzles

Hard Sudoku Videos

Videos with hard puzzles

Expert Sudoku Videos

Videos with "diabolical" puzzles

Videos with "challenger" puzzles

Videos with "difficult" puzzles

All Sudoku Videos

All Sudoku Primer Videos

This page will hopefully help you learn the basics and help you improve your sudoku game!

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