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Maki Kaji Dies at Age 69

Updated September 9, 2021

Maki Kaji, the "godfather of sudoku," and president of Nikoli, died August 10, 2021. Here are some articles about his life.

New York Times



Other Information:

Nikoli had an important role in sudoku history

Video of a Nikoli puzzle

Today is International Sudoku Day

Updated September 9, 2021


The "Phistomefel Observation"

For lack of a better name, this is called an observation by the user that came up with it. This user explains that all of the numbers in the dark red cells in any sudoku puzzle are the exact same numbers in the blue cells. See the sudoku grid below.

Try this: look at any completed sudoku puzzle and list all of the numbers in red cells, and you will find the same list of numbers in the blue cells. Amazing, but true: this works for any puzzle!

We can sometimes use this to help solve a puzzle. Sudoku Primer video 220 shows an example of how you can use this information to find a number.

The original location of this observation (German)

More Interesting Sudoku Facts

More interesting facts

Interesting Sudoku Facts

These are fun to read

2020 Asian Sudoku Championship

The 2020 championship was held in Hyderabad, India in January

2019 World Sudoku Championship

14th World Sudoku Championship and 28th World Puzzle Championship in Kirchheim, Germany

2018 World Sudoku & Puzzle Championship

Championship held in Prague, Czech Republic

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Cracking the Cryptic makes the news

Image of a sudoku Cracking the Cryptic video Article about Simon Anthony and his YouTube channel "Cracking the Cryptic"

Classic article -- when sudoku swept the globe in 2005

Read about the puzzle that spread like a virus

Article about Robin Jarman the Sudoku Guy

Image of Robin Jarman the Sudoku Guy Here's Robin's story, from the Kelowna News

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