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Sudoku for Computer People book

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  • Sudoku rules, interesting sudoku fact, history of sudoku
  • Book explanation and tongue-in-cheek description of why this book exists
  • sudoku puzzles customized for computer people
  • Puzzles have four skill levels: easy, medium, hard and expert
  • Answers to all puzzles

Computer people are smart, right? Well... yes but they have trouble with sudoku. Computer people -- especially software and hardware engineers -- have been taught that numbers begin with 0, not 1. Sudoku puzzles use numbers 1 through 9.

And therein lies the problem.

Because of the discrepancy between computer people and the rest of the world computer people struggle with sudoku puzzles. This book has puzzles with numbers 0 through 8, not 1 through 9, to help computer people understand them. Because the numbers are "right" nerds and geeks have no trouble with this book.

If you're a computer person get this book. It will help you solve puzzles because the numbers will appear natural to you. All of those other sudoku books use the wrong numbers. If you're not a computer person you probably know computer people.

If you know a computer person give them this book. Because computer people are "different" (we know because Harold Nolte is one of them) we're asking you to help. You probably have friends, neighbors and relatives who are geeks, nerds, etc. who would greatly benefit from one of these books. So we're asking you to give these books to those who sorely need them.

Make the world just a little better by helping geeks and nerds. Give them this book and they will thank you.

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