Sudoku Primer & Complete Reference

Sudoku Primer and Complete Reference

Sudoku has become quite popular in the past 10 years. This website is dedicated to all things Sudoku.

Sudoku basics teaches you sudoku rules and the basics of the game. It is worth looking at even if you already know how to play sudoku. You just might learn some new things.

Sudoku Primer has videos on YouTube with Sudoku lessons ranging from techniques to solving entire puzzles. There are over 100 videos on YouTube now, with new ones added all the time. Click the "Videos" link on the left to see them.

Getting Started Video

Watch this video to understand how sudoku puzzles work and how to solve an easy puzzle.

Solving a very difficult puzzle

This video shows a very complex way to break through a diabolical puzzle and finish solving it.

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Video Index
This page has an index of the different techniques each video talks about. Refer to this page to find specific techniques you would like to learn about.

The Challenges page tests your knowledge and skills by showing you a partially completed puzzle with a circled number. Your challenge is to figure out how that number got there, or why it is the only number that fits in that cell. Try it out, it just may improve your solving skills!

Many people use pencils and make lots of notes while solving sudoku puzzles, both in the cells and in the margins. But this is a lot of work that really isn’t necessary. This site and the book "Sudoku Primer & Complete Reference" will teach you to solve puzzles with a pen (you don't need to take notes while solving). When using these techniques the only thing you need to write is the correct number in each cell, so you can use a pen. There is one exception - called trial and error - where you will use a pencil. Trial and error is one of the skills you will learn.

Did you Know?
There are 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 unique sudoku combinations - See OEIS A17739 - See my research page for more information

Sudoku - the puzzle that addicts